Tuesday, November 29, 2011

sick... =\

That's what I've been...sick,and that's the reason why I haven't posted in a while,I got sick with the stomach flu... yuck!!
But I'm feeling way better now! =)

On another note,we had a good thanksgiving and there was plenty of turkey to go around,we had over a friend of ours and my grandma(or as we call her Binga).

WARNING: if you can't handle pictures of dead things(deer) don't scroll down!

Earlier this past week(I think) Mom got a 6 point buck and we where all elated! Yah! more venison!
Dad cut it up and packaged it,and now we have Bambi's 2nd cousin twice removed ;) in our freezer! Yum

The whole month of December we are watching a friend of ours cockatoo,and from what I've heard she is handful and mind you her name is angel... =)


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cute Kids

Every Monday Shorty and I watch a bunch of kids for a our churches financial peace group. Last Monday night I heard this conversation "I'm dying(playing a iphone game)!!"said boy#1,"( boy#2 thinking that boy#1 is actually dying)you can't be dying you don't have a beard yet!" said boy#2! Thought that might make you laugh cause it sure made me chuckle! =)

some old man with a beard

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hair!! =)

WARNING: if your a guy,or have no interest in reading about  girl ramble about hair don't even attempt to read this post! ;)

We where talking last night about hair and how I 'm thinking about dying mine a brighter color( I promise it's only temporary!).We talked about long hair and short hair and then my older sister Hannah said "yah know Rache you would look really good with short hair". That of course got me thinking about it and we talked about it again this morning, and I began thinking how nice it would be to have my hair not getting all tangley and gross after 10 minutes of having it down( that drives me nuts!).So I'm almost convinced about having short hair again..

This is what I'm thinking and if I do it,it will be 10 inches of which is the requirement for locks of love!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Oliver Twister


This is Oliver Twister,He is my very sweet lovable boy.. He's a Thoroughbred/Appaloosa,14'3 Hands High,23ish years old and has the appaloosa trademark of the spotted but =) I Love him so much,we have had him for 2 1\2 years. He taught me so much about horses we learned a lot together,I taught him how to be a better Trail Horse and he taught me patience and trust in return. I joke about it when people ask me if I have a boyfriend and I reply"yahh I do,and he has 4 legs ;) ". If you ask me what do I like better geldings or mares and I promise I will always answer geldings!! =) Lately Teresa has been riding him(because I've been working with Sky),and Teresa claims that he doesn't like her (and she'll also answer that she likes mares better),I guess he's a one gal kind of guy! =) At our house he is considered the old gentlemen,and really he is,he does have a couple of quirks when your riding him...like not wanting to go faster,but then  again he is old! =)


These pictures are from this summer.. =)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

♪♫Blue Sky's nothin but blue Skys♫♪

Okay she's not blue ,but her name is Sky...

This is Sky,or as we call her around here Sky Girl,or Skyanna!
She is a American Quarter Horse,she's nine years old,15'2 Hands High, red dun with a dorsal stripe and tiger stripped legs..
And although she may look like she's smiling in the picture let me tell yah she is a whole lot of brat. She's originally my older sisters,but since she's gone at college Teresa and I are basically retraining her, Recently she smacked me up against a cedar fence post ,why you might say? weeelllll...she didn't want the bit in her mouth. But she's gotten a lot better about the bit,today I was able to stick the bit in her mouth three times in about 5 minutes. Yahh me!! =)
I'm also teaching voice ques such as Walk,Trot,and Whoa. Let me tell you though it take's a lot of work,you can't explain to her that "oh sweety girl I want you to start trotting okay?". No you can't do that with her or with any other horse really ( I'm not trying to step on any toes,you may have a great horse that you can do that with),Did you know that horses brains are the size of a walnut?She (especially mares) need a lot of firm command, Teresa and I have been doing a whole bunch of ground work with her and teaching her that when it comes to people We are in charge/dominant not her... She is such a sweet ride though once she starts listening to you she's almost perfect I say almost because ..well. let's just say that a thing as small as a cat on a roof will send her throwing up her head and spooking. That is another thing we are working on.. =| But I can tell already once she figure's out you're in charge she will do anything for you... =)
Sky Girl

P.S. Tomorrow I'll write about my horse Oliver Twister.. =)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What I like and what I don't....

King Arthur

Okay,I have recently found something that I really enjoy reading about and that is King Arthur,Merlin ,and the Knights..I know it's kinda wacky ,but that's what I like to read when I'm not reading Percy Jackson or Ted Dekker. Today I got all excited because.... I found a HUGE book all about can you guess? =) ...King Arthur =) . The only sad thing is it's the library's and I eventually have to give it back =\

The thing in my life at the moment that I don't necessarily "don't like" but I "don't enjoy"  is Chemistry...Something in my 16 year old brain does not get it,BUT since I want to become a Vet Technician,I HAVE to learn it... =\ But with God's help I know I be able to get through it .....eventually! =)


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oh how I love Vintage!!! If I could I would totally go back to the 1940's. That's what Shorty and I did last night we went back to the 1940's.A friend of our was hosting an arbonne party but the theme of the party can you guess it the 1940's =) O my gosh I have never had so much fun that included makeup! I got the privilege of being the makeup model! and by the end of the night everybody was calling me Susan form Narnia!  So you'll have to tell me do I look like Susan?

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today it snowed!,as I write this I realize not very many people "like" snow. Well I not only "like" it I LOVE it!

There are some positives and negatives to snow let me list some for you
       Plus                                                                              Minus
*Snowboarding/skying                                           * Having to hail water to our horses
*sledding                                                               * ice on the roads
*snowball fight                                                       * having to shovel/plow the driveway/roof
*warm nights by the fire sipping hot cocoa                            *cleaning of your car
*Ice skating

I don't know about you but I can sure find way more "pluses" then "minuses" 
Now you might live in Florida/someplace warm where you never see snowflakes/snow EVER.But still try to see the beauty in things other then focusing on the negatives. I've been reading the book The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom,and as her and her sister Betsy where in the concentration camp they gave thanks to God for everything in one part of the book when they laid in bed they even thanked God for the Fleas that where biting them and making it impossible for them to sleep. We today need to be like that,we need to give thanks to God for everything Even fleas...

On another note I also think of this....

As I see the beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky I try so hard to imagine none of them being the same... honestly I can't imagine that, God created us completely different, yeah there may be people that look the same
or talk the same,BUT they are not identical.You are you own design that God made you from and God never uses his designs twice! Just like a snowflake! Just think in all the years that it has snowed none of those snowflakes are the same,none of them!

Have an awesome rest of the day