Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I did today

 oh I found out what p.s. stands for ...Post Script! You probably allready knew that though... =|

School work =\
I think I'm doing literature (my least favorite subject) by look of the picture,but I'm not and my younger sister are so different when we do school..Teresa can have her stuff spread out about halfway across the table,but I have to have  half of the table cleared off for me to do my school work..and all of my stuff is in a pile next to me or on the chair next to me..(this picture above doesn't show it)

I actually prefer crocheting to knitting,something about the clicking of the knitting needles drives me CRAZY!! and I feel as if I can get things done faster when I'm crocheting.. rate now I'm working on making a tell you the truth it isn't going so well.. =|

making cookies
Don't they look delicious? I made them from a old recipe..but they sure do taste good!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This and That

I'm totally having fun redoing my blog, Aren't the penguins cute!?! You can get gadgets for your blog here

I especially like the big picture of our horses,by the way if your wondering who they are ..The Appaloosa is Ollie (Oliver Twister is his full name), and the red dun is Sky our Quarter Horse.

 I took a couple pictures this morning,because there have been a huge amount of birds at are feeder this morning...

Male Cardinal 

Female Cardinal

A flock of Goldfinches

I just couldn't resist putting Oliver in. =)

Have a awesome day,and God Bless!!! =)
Here's an awesome song to leave you with

Monday, January 23, 2012

Get ready for pictures!! =)

A Very Cold Goldfinch

Do you see the chickadee flying away?

Lucy Joy

This one is my favorite...


(All taken with a Nikon D 40...)

Have a fantastic day!!!

P.s There are penguins at the bottom of the page... =)
what does p.s. stand for anyway!! Personal Sidenote maybe?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Caddie Woodlawn

If you read my bio,then you saw all about how I'm in a DramaGroup... The group is called The Purity Ring. It's a group made up of home-schoolers,not only do we put on a play every spring and it always has a christian message in it,but we learn about purity,modesty,and how to become Godly men and women. This coming play is Caddie Woodlawn. If you've never read the book you should! In the play I'm Rebekah Hyman (aka a rude neighbor of the woodlawns). I'm really excited about the play,this is my third year in Purity Ring,and I've enjoyed every year of it!

Here is a summery of the book/play..

In 1864 on the Wisconsin frontier it was hard to tell which of the Woodlawn family were boys. Caddie could run and jump and climb trees as easily as her brothers Tom and Warren, and much to the dismay of her mother and sister, Clara. But because of Caddie's adventurous spirit, a disaster is averted with the neighboring Indian tribe with whose leader, Indian John, Caddie has become friends. Here is a tale of pioneer life as it was lived and of a spirited young girl whose parents despair of her ever becoming ladylike. 
We are going to be performing MA 4th and 5th at the Cheboygan Opera House...

These are what the shoes look like that I have to wear for the play...only with 4 inch heels...

Yikes!! =)

here are some pics that I took yesterday...

Lucy Joy,our 3 yr old Golden Retriever 

A very cute Chickadee


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

May be a little short... =)

Snow is finally here and it's here to stay!!! woot woot! =)

 didn't take this pic mom did....


Monday, January 9, 2012

lady Bella

If you read my last post you know who I'm talking about when I say Bella,(Lady Bella was her full name..).
After we came home from the vet's we set her up in our basement so we  could keep on eye on her... Sunday She wouldn't eat her pellets anymore but she would accept fruit such as bananas (her favorite).Today she stopped eating and drinking all together and today while we where gone she passed away.. Now you might think "okay girl she was just a  rabbit ,get over it.." But No she wasn't just a rabbit she was my very first pet. I remember me(being 10yrs) and my lil sister(being 6 yrs) begging our Dad to get rabbits.He finally said yes! =) We drove to our friends house to get them and we both bought and picked out our own baby bunny's,we paid for them with our own money,and we where so excited! Teresa chose a black dwarf and I choose Bella (her named changed many,many times!) She was spunky yet sweet,she was a mix breed(Hotos, Rex,dwarf)but I didn't care, I wanted her out of all of them...She was the rabbit that we could let guest hold because she was so laid back,she loved attention,and she loved to cuddle.She taught me responsibility(enough that Dad eventually let us get horses ;) ). She  is 6 yrs old,that is really old for a domestic rabbit..they usually only live to be around 4 or 5 I'm blessed that she lived to be that long.

Bell 1yrs
( those are another bunny's ears behind her)


Saturday, January 7, 2012

summery of my day..

The summery of my day is... hectic 
let me put in to view for you
10:00 I woke up yes I'm one of those teenagers that likes to sleep in
10:05 went outside to do my chores
10:06 saw Teresa holding my rabbit(we have 4) and her telling me that she was acting really weird
10:10 took Bella (the bunny,not named after the twilight bella ) inside to check her out she had her right back foot up by her head,mom says that she think she broke her leg...
10:40calls vet and get's Bella in to be seen at 11:15,I then hurriedly rush and get my clothes on(yes,I was still in my PJs)
10:55 I say goodbye to my sister as she leaves to head north to college
11:22 finally arrive at the vet's,they end up taking a x-ray of her,they then tell us that she didn't brake her leg but she does have Arthritis
12:25 we check out of the vet's and head towards the fairgrounds to a funeral that started at 12:00.
12:35ish we arrive at funeral and head in to see a bunch of our friends...and eat some amazing food catered by Julianne tomatoes (it tasted so good,because in the rush of everything I had never eaten breakfast)
3:30ish we arrive home to see that almost all of our wood had been stacked by some friends of ours! such a blessing! =)
3:40  I settle Bella into our basement,so we can keep on eye on her.
8:00 I'm in my pJ's agian and the day is finally over..... and I am ready for bed ZZzzz

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Or as my little sister would say it when she's being silly Photo -Graphy! =)

 I really enjoy it! My dad got a new camera for his business so we got his old one which is a Nikon D 40 to all you photography people! =)

Lady Lindy

 my spherical Guinea pig Zippy

Lady Lindy

I'm not that good at it yet but I'm learning! =)