Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crocheted Blanket

I've had a lot of time to think this week. I've been sick. For a week. I'm finally starting to get better.
                                 Can you believe it's three days before Christmas?
                                                            Three days.

Last Sunday I still had to buy presents for my siblings. It's Saturday afternoon, the 22nd. And I still don't  have presents for my siblings...  Next. the power went out.

 I was sleeping out in the living room, on the couch. when it went out on Thursday night at 11:30pm. I moved back to my room, because I knew it was going to be warmer in the back of the house. Mom came and told be in the morning that 30,000 people where without power. She came in again at noon. 
                                                  80,000 people without power. 

   At this point I was getting pretty ungrateful. I wasn't able to go a see a movie with my friends,
 the fact that Christmas was only a few days away, and the present dilemma weighed on my mind. 
        Yet, something told me to open my eyes from my slumber. To look around my room. 
                                          It's orange and teal colors blinding me.

I looked around, and blew my nose for the 50 bazillionth time. I looked at the blanket on my bed.   Keeping me warm.

 I remembered the friend that gave it to me, as a gift. It's black and teal colors, beautifully crocheted. As I looked at the blanket. I remembered the girl that made it. I was reminded how her Grandpa is sick with Cancer. In that moment, my ungratefulness began to dwindle..  I didn't have it that bad.

I 'm not dreadfully sick, we had a generator, we where able to get back our electricity, water, and heat. Our power came back this afternoon.  I'm getting better, blowing my nose less and less..
So. My readers. Be thankful. think of someone else this season.
 Think of the family's who have a son or daughter in the military, or who have a loved one sick with cancer. 

Think of others.          


Monday, December 17, 2012


                                  So much pain, and suffering in this world... why is it?
                         From the shooting in Colorado, to the resent one in Connecticut.
                                                 With 20 Children murdered...
                                                 Parents left wondering why?
                                                           Why my child?

I have had a lot of suffering in my 17 years.. From my Mom having cancer (and surviving), to my Uncle dying from cancer.. Never meeting my Grandpa, due to him having cancer, and also dying from it..
                                            Cancer is one thing I know about very well.

During that time when my Mom was going through cancer, not only did relying on God help. But the people that sent us words of scripture, a hot meal, or a few words of encouragement.
It's still hard though.. I still have awful memorys, memorys I wish I could erase..

I read so many Facebook posts this weekend about that awful shooting.. some people wrote a prayer, others scripture, some took it as a chance to try to prove that guns are "evil", and others posted the most recent videos about it from the news.

But in reality what posts do you think helped? What posts, if the parents of the deceased children could read them would comfort them, would help them in there grief?

We need to comforting people in their suffering, to pray for them.