Friday, March 1, 2013

~Bare feet~

It's almost here..You want to know how I can tell? My horses are shedding their winter coats, not in vast amounts mind you, but on their head, little hairs are starting to shed..

I am excited about it, so many things come in the spring.
Warm weather
Soft Breezes
Fresh smells

Although Autumn is my favorite season, I truly do love them all. Living in Northern Michigan you get just the right amount of Summer, and Winter. Winter isn't unbearably cold, and just when you are about to get sick of the ice, spring comes. Summer isn't stifling hot, and when you are tired of sunburn, and sand in your car, fall comes. 

To those of you living in similar places, you know what I mean, if you love in Florida, or Texas, well just stop reading and go back to what you were doing ;)

I have heard so many people grip and complain about how they "Hate winter" or "I was late to work cause I had to shovel off my car"I'm not pointing fingers at anyone, in fact this morning....

Scrambling out of bed, I had already slept in to late, wishing I could lay there for another ten minutes, I crawled out thanking God tomorrow was Saturday and I could sleep in a bit. I shrugged on my coat, hat on my head and flannel pj's shoved into my boots and headed outside into the wind. I actually thought to myself "Why did God even create Winter!"  I walked up to the chicken coop, grumbling to myself about being stupid enough to not have grabbed a pair of socks to wear inside my uninsulated rubber chore boots, and grabbed a pile of hay for the horses. They looked at me, heads going up and ears pointed, even though they already had some of their food, they     

 nickered at me.

As I opened the Rabbits cages, grabbing their dishes and banging them on the side of the building to knock out the ice, they hopped around in their cages knowing sweet, fresh warm water was coming their way.  Buddy, the most timid rabbit, came up to me while I was giving him food and started drinking.


 That's what the horses were, they stayed outside in the wind and the cold, and stood with their butts to the wind, waiting for their breakfast in the morning.They have to rely on people to take care of them and feed and water them, they can't do it by them selves.The Rabbits, being excited with fresh water, enough to have the timid one come near my hand to get a drink.

In their own way, they were grateful

So, are you grateful?

Was your car warm on the way to work?
Did you have enough gas to get to work?
Did you have food to eat for breakfast?
Do you still have your job?

~1 Thessalonians 5:18~

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you