Thursday, August 29, 2013


   I'm completely content at the moment. I have a moment. A moment to be still and pay attention to the things surrounding me. Crickets chirping outside my window, moths bouncing off my screens. Cool summer breezes entering my room making the hot humid air leave as an unwanted guest. Being still is something I can't remember doing in a very long time. It's seems as if so much has occupied my life in the past four months.. when really all I did was go to work and then come home and sleep.

    I worked this summer at a Garden Center. In the last month at work, things dwindled to a slow pace. It was just me and 5 other co-workers as compared to the 18 that were there in June. I started to grow close to my co-workers and became known to them as the "listener". They would rant and rave from everything about their Boyfriends/Girlfriends, ex-husband, siblings, things that made them tick, and something completely crazy as "what's better then a slurpee?".  I found out that people love to talk.. but very rarely do they like to listen.

 I was overjoyed when I was able to share my faith with one of them. She was talking about her Ex and how much she despised him and how she couldn't even stand being in the room with him. I was amazed as to how much she was opening up to me. I realized then that I needed to take this chance and talk to her about Jesus Christ. I began to share with her about my life, my Moms journey with cancer, and my Uncles death. She started to realize that I wasn't just some 18 year old girl who's really quite. But that I can actually relate to a lot of hard life situations. I knew that she would interrupt me and try to add unwanted comments. She told me of how she read books and how they were helping her cope with her Ex from 13 years ago. She suggested I read them. At that moment I was able to tell her that God got me through my hardships. She didn't believe me at first. I could see her guards go up, and she wanted to change the subject. She started talking about her Ex again... and again I decided to lay off a bit and listen again. Five minutes later after listening to her talk a miracle happened...

She asked me a question.

Through all her ranting, she decided to ask me a question.

"What do you think I should do about my Ex?"

I was completely astounded that she asked me this. I thought a moment. Looking down at the faded chair I was sitting in. God whispered the answer in my ear. The only true and right answer that I could give her. I looked her straight in the eye and replied 

"You need to forgive him."

I began explaining to her that we didn't deserve forgiveness either. But Jesus Christ came and paid the price of our sin dying on the cross for us. She looked at me and I knew without a doubt that she was going to contradict me. She did. She told me that he didn't deserve forgiveness. That he hurt, yelled, screamed at her and there was no way that she was ever going to forgive that man for what he did to her.  My lunch hour was then over and I had to go back to work. I didn't know if my answer was going to change her heart or not.

I found out two weeks later that it did. I was standing next to her plucking the heads off wax begonias... She started talking and I began listening, adding in my comments as needed. She started talking about how immature young adults were.. I started thinking *oh joy... what's she going to say about me..* She then said "You know what I'll remember about you?" I replied with a simple "What?" almost dreading her reply.
Looking me straight in the eye she replied-

"I'll remember how you always listened. And how you told me to forgive my Ex. I realized that you were right in forgiving him. I starting to forgive him now and if you hadn't of told me that I don't think I ever would have. Thank you." 

I was completely dumbstruck. I didn't know what to say for a second. I wanted to hug her and start dancing right there in the midst of the green house...but decided that in doing that she would probably think I was completely crazy.

All that time I spent listening to her. Paying attention when she needed me to. It left an impression on her. I can only hope and pray that in talking to her that I started a small change in her heart.

 I was able to befriend the hardest person possible at work. She trusted me enough to ask my opinion. She talked about everything with everyone that would listen. But she never, ever asked questions. She's the kind of person that always thought she had the answer to everything. For her to ask a question is unfathomable. It was a miracle from God. I'm still overjoyed that she actually listened to me. I can hardly believe it. I'm blessed that she choose to ask me..

It was a complete Miracle.