Thursday, July 3, 2014

For everything there is a season and a time for every matter

Summertime is finally here! If you just survived a MI winter like I did you'll understand my excitement. This summer however has brought many, many firsts.
Ya know, things that have never happened before to you or your family. Things that can be simple and fun, or huge and stressful, and are all worth it.

Hannah and Tyler
#1~ MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry to burst your eardrums but Hannah and Tyler are getting married in nine days! The wedding and reception are being held outside at a friends house that over looks the bay. I'm standing up in the wedding as the third bridesmaid, and I cannot wait to watch to my big sister become Mrs. Armantrout!

Now.. are you ready for this?.. you might want to put in earplugs.

Nathan and Margret
Yep, you read it right. Nathan will be marrying the love of his life, Margret in early August! His wedding is a little less then a month after Hannahs, and let me tell ya, I never knew weddings were soooooo intense.

okay, now for a more.. simple first

Silly little sisters
#3~ Playing basketball in the dark with the lil sister. Teresa and I got tired of sitting on our butts watching an old (boring) western and we decided to hightail it outside and shoot some hoops... at 10 o'clock at night. We giggled at the fact that we couldn't see much of anything, just shadows, and would scream when a ball came at us. Let me tell ya though, even in the dark Teresa can perform some pretty sweet lay-ups.

And... a more painful first

My lovely bruise only two hrs after it happened
#4~ Last night I was kicked by my horse. Honestly I have a hard time remembering how it happened. I just remember a heavy blow to my thigh and then doubling over in pain trying not to pass out. I'm now sporting a limp, and a pretty intense bruise. I'm so thankful that he kicked my thigh rather than my knee, shin, head, stomach.. even though it's painful it's probably the best area to be kicked by a horse.

Pulling weeds at the  bay view Mansion house

#5~ I now have a job in Bay View, being the gardener for a woman I met through my other job. This job is a total answer to prayer.. and I'm so grateful to God for providing it.

Now.. I have to go back to icing my leg. Have a wonderful Independence Day!