Wednesday, February 11, 2015

In which I compare Superman to Valentines Day.

   Since the last time I've wrote not a whole lot has changed, aside from the drivers license that now lays proudly in my wallet.  So since nothing has changed I don't really know why I'm writing. My fingers are frozen, my mind is bored, and my stomach won't stop growling. I'm sitting here in the college library on a nasty worn out couch. My friend is sitting across from me all hunkered down in his coat, like he's surviving a blizzard. Though I don't think I look much different. If bored to tears was actually a real thing. We'd both be sobbing.

   Speaking of sobbing, it's been a rough week aka Valentines Day is coming up... Ya, I know. I'm a sap. But for me it's not the 14th that matters so much, it's the day before. The dreaded 13th. It used to flash by on my calendar with me adding another month to my mental list. Now it sits there, glaring at me. It's always been said to be an unlucky number, but I'm not one to believe in luck.

   I do realize that everyone most likely has a day on the calendar that they dread. One that reminds you of the memories that sat in the back of your mind. Or a death of a loved one. Or even both. We can get caught up in those days, and being lost in a fog is not uncommon. Prying yourself away from it is hard, and that day will haunt you for what might seem like forever.

  I know I've talked about how people just need to move on, and get over themselves. But, it's really not that easy. It's like going to the gym and trying to run 3 miles when you haven't run in ages. It's nearly impossible unless your Superman, and we all know only Clark Kent can be Superman.

Dear one,

You're not superman, you need to learn to take every day with stride.
  • Warm yourself up, shin splints aren't any fun. (Read your Bible)
  • Learn to breath again, in through your nose, out through your mouth. (Pray)
  • Wear flexible clothing, like a favorite t-shirt, and gym shorts.(Be Yourself)
  • Buy a new pair of shoes, your old ones won't get you through.(Leave the past behind you)
  • Learn perfect form, arms at your side in a 90-degree angle moving with you as you run, not across. (Be Confident)

     In what seems like no time at all you'll be running without even so much as a glance behind you. You can do anything you set your mind to. You are incredible. Don't let a silly number change your attitude, let your heavenly father mend your mind and body back together again. Only the potter can fix his lump of clay.

In Him,
A girl with shin splits...