Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 18th

    Dad's phone rang this morning at 6am rousing me out of a deep sleep. He didn't answer it in time and 30 seconds later it rang again, this time sounding more urgent. His footsteps thudded down the hallway moving farther out of ear shot with each step. Making out only the words, "Hi Daniel..." I laid in bed wide awake, listening to mom now get out of bed and move down the hallway. "Maybe Uncle Dan has had a miraculous recovery and that's why his son is calling so early.." I knew my thinking was far fetched but I didn't want to believe the real reason behind the phone call. I convinced myself to fall back asleep and woke up three hours later. Doing what everyone these days seems to do in the morning, I reached for my phone and opened up Facebook. Scrolling through my news feed I didn't paying attention to what I was looking at when I heard my Dad down the hallway tell Mom I was still asleep and he'd tell me when I woke up. In that moment I stopped scrolling and looked at my phone. "Pray for the family of Dan Zowada, Tim's brother, he passed away at 5am..." I sat up in shock and stared at my phone.Once again Cancer has struck its head and took one more person out of my life and my family's.

    My Uncle Dan could make anyone laugh. When I was a little girl he could entertain me for hours with his magic tricks (that I still haven't figured out) as well as always beat me in Clue. He'd take me and my sisters for rides in his convertible, letting us sit on the back and wave like princesses as he drove down the dirt road. Sitting in the rocking chair with his eyes closed he'd listen to me play the piano, often singing along in his rich tenor voice. I'd beam when he told me I play beautifully and play one more song just to impress him. Uncle Dan enjoyed playing his harmonica and telling jokes that would send me into a giggling fit after he explained them to me. He was a man that loved his gadgets and would often bring them Up North to show them off. Often resulting in endless hours searching for a remote-controlled helicopter that flew out of range and landed in the swamp down the road. His eyes would light up when he was about to say something silly, and his deep chuckle could make many smile. Apart from being the jokester Uncle Dan was a man of God. I could continue to tell you stories about all the things he's done but I think his relationship with God is the one that is the most important. He believed with all his heart that Jesus was his lord and savior, becuase of this I know that I will see him again. He won't be in pain or have a body filled with a deadly sickness. Maybe he'll be sitting up in heaven doing magic tricks with the angels, and possibly even beat them in Clue. Today is not a day that I am going to dwell on the fact that cancer won. Because ultimately cancer didn't win. My uncle is alive more than he ever has been before, and he gets to spend eternity with our creator. Today is a day that I will thank God for taking him home, and praise His name that I will be able to see my uncle again.

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