Sunday, October 28, 2012

Senior Year

Yup, I'm a Senior, and I can't believe it!
After waiting so long to be done with school, it's finally coming to an end. All those days of counting the years, of when I will graduate....Honestly, wish I could get it all back. The days of freezing winter, sitting on the couch with Mom reading a book, sipping Hot Cocoa. Teresa and I sitting at the table singing our lungs out, after Mom leaves the room. Begging Teresa to be quiet so I can try to understand my math(it never did work..).

As I look forward to my life I can't be absolutely terrified and not want to leave my house ever. But some days I want to..
The stress of having a good score on my ACT/SAT.
Getting all my hours in so I can get my drivers license.
Being the lead female role in our oncoming Purity Ring play.
Having animals that need your attention and not just food thrown at them AM and PM...
Whether or not to get rid of an animal, because you know you won't have time for it anymore..

But, then I focus on all the good things going on in my life..
Being the lead role in the play, that I prayed hard for!
Having Horses, something I've always wanted ever since I was a lil tot!
A great loving Family, who always supports me.
Being healthy, and not sick with cancer like so many people I know...

I have it pretty good.
It's so easy to focus on the bad things in life, the things that stress you out and make you want to hide in a hole and never come out.
We watched the Lord of the Rings recently. Gollom, a once Hobbit like creature, became bad and literally insane all because of an evil ring. Gollom let the ring drive his life. A Ring that didn't have a speck of good in it!
 You see, If you let the bad things overrun your life in a sense your going to become a little bit like Gollom. A person that can no longer focus in on the good things.. Now don't get me wrong you're not going to run around half naked and saying"my Precious", but you will be a stressed, worried person. You will no longer be able to see the light of Good! The strength of God that will get you through anything.

So as I answer all those questions that  all seniors get..
1, Do you have plans after you graduate?
2, Are you going to college?
3, Are you ever planning on getting married?(that one was weird to answer..)
4, What college are you going to?
Yeah,I'm sure you can add your own.

I'm going to rely on God to help me get through the last year, and to help me answer a bunch of questions!